Valor VC (and Startup Runway Foundation)


Valor Ventures is an Atlanta venture capital firm that leads seed rounds in startups creating financial disruption outside of Silicon Valley. ValorÕs purpose is creating top returns for its capital partners. Our mission is making inclusion the new normal in venture capital. Our focused sourcing platform attracts dynamic founders and co-investors from the full spectrum of entrepreneurs building break-out businesses today. We take lead positions that leverage our corporate networks, software platform expertise, and the power of the inclusion performance premium in sourcing and scaling. We involve our Innovation Council early, recruit top talent to create inclusive teams, and connect our portfolio to customers through our innovation centerÑamong the 10 largest on the East Coast.




B2B, SaaS




North America




Lisa Calhoun

Lisa’s experience in early-scale dynamics contributes to over a billion dollars (and counting) in exit value from startups. Lisa is known for pioneering platforms that fuel early-stage companies with capital, connections and critical insights, including the Valor Innovation Council that connects emerging startups to potential enterprise customers; the Startup Runway Foundation, the largest pitch event connecting underrepresented founders to first capital; and the Atlanta Startup Podcast, the voice of the region with 40% of the U.S. population. She is a Kauffman Fellow, a member of the global network of top venture capital investors. Before Valor, Lisa founded a digital marketing agency recognized as one of the ÒTop 10 Agencies for Tech Startups.Ó She supported hundreds of tech startups through their exits to public markets and acquisitions. Prior, Lisa worked in IT consulting, helping large organizations solve complex problems with code. Lisa serves on the boards of Physician360, SmartCommerce, Women Who Code, MyAgData, and the Woodruff Arts Center WomenÕs Giving Circle. She earned her BA/Baylor 1994 and MBA/University of Texas.